Pen Test 2015 Challenge

Pen Test 2015 Challenge

Interested in a challenge? We have a cast of characters for you, and a number of questions for you to answer.

Download the challenge here.

Alice and Bob:

  • They're good friends who have been chatting for a long time. Honestly, they mostly talk about Star Trek and the latest cat videos on YouTube, but people always seem to want to listen in on their conversations anyway. Odd, right?


  • Carol is a bit... different than Alice and Bob. She prefers Star Wars, and doesn't really understand Star Trek. She still talks with Alice and Bob on occasion, but she often feels like a third party in a primarily two-party conversation. She is a firm believer that Han Solo shot Greedo first, and has gotten into fights over the matter.


  • Some people have hobbies and interests that reveal themselves in just about everything they do. Some people... don't. If you've met Dave before, you might remember his Futurama obsession. If not, you'll have to take our word for it.


  • Ah, the much-maligned Eve. Despite everybody accusing her of rudely listening in on others' conversations, she's really not all that bad. Admittedly, she can be pretty suspicious of other folk, though who can really blame her?

So, how can you win the challenge? Answer the questions correctly to enter a drawing to win four months of NetWars Continuous, valued at $2,499! Make sure to get all your answers in by February 28, 2015 to be eligible for the prize!

Rules of engagement:

Please find the "phrase that pays" and email it along with a brief write-up of how you solved each question to by February 28, 2015.

  • The first 10 correct answers will receive a Free SANS NetWars t-shirt.
  • The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be chosen at random after February 28, 2015 and will receive a free subscription to NetWars Continuous, worth $2,499! The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will have four full months of skill-development and CMU/CPE credit building in this virtual CtF environment, complete with automated hint system to help you if you get stuck.

NetWars Continuous Online Skill-Sharpening Range

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Topics Include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Packet Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • System Hardening
  • Malware Analysis
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response

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