About SANS Penetration Testing

About SANS Penetration Testing

Mission Statement

Our goal, simply put, is to provide students with technical skills, tools and techniques that they can use the day that they return to work to improve the security of their organization. SANS Pen Testing courses help attendees on their way to becoming world-class information security practitioners. With computer attackers growing ever more skilled and devious, organizations need highly skilled people more now than ever; personnel that can identify security problems, implement appropriate defenses and respond to attacks immediately with the skills to contain, mitigate and remediate the identified issues.

High-value penetration testing doesn't involve just throwing a bunch of hacks at a target environment and declaring victory when a shell prompt magically pops up. Instead, the best penetration testers focus on understanding their craft in-depth, providing significant value to organizations by improving their security stance through technical excellence and implementation of a well-understood and repeatable methodologies, which will deliver real savings and security to the business.

The SANS Pen Testing courses are built with those principles in mind to help attendees achieve the status of expert penetration testers.

What is High-Value Penetration Testing and Why Is It Important?

A high-value penetration test has several aspects:

  • It models the activities of real-world attackers...
  • to find vulnerabilities in target systems...
  • and exploits them under controlled circumstances...
  • applying technical excellence to determine and document risk and potential business impact...
  • in a professional, safe fashion according to a carefully designed scope and rules of engagement...
  • with the goal of helping an organization prioritize its resources in improving its security stance

Some so-called penetration testers with limited skills only operate along one or two of these lines. The best penetration testers, however, can deliver on all of these items, with consistent high quality. Each SANS pen test course is designed to prepare attendees to maximize the value of their work across all of these aspects of high-value penetration testing.

What Makes SANS Penetration Testing Courses Special?

Unlike other courses that claim to teach ethical hacking, SANS classes are uniquely designed and written to provide the understanding and skills necessary to be counted among the best penetration testers in the business. Our courses cover a wide variety of different technological landscapes penetration testers may face, with our in-depth focus on network pen testing, web application pen testing, and wireless pen testing.

And, let's face it. While our focus is on penetration testing to provide high-value, properly conducted tests are also a tremendous amount of fun. Penetration testing is a truly exciting and rewarding job, and this joy of the well-done professional test shines throughout our course material and expert instructors, each with real-world experience in penetration testing.