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Pen Test Hackfest Talks - Some GREAT Reads

A couple weeks ago, we held our annual SANS Pen Test Hackfest, a really wonderful event where we run 3 nights of NetWars challenges, 1 night of CyberCity missions, Coin-a-palooza (where attendees can earn SANS Pen Test Coins for classes they've taken before), and much more. This year, we even went on a field trip to the National Cryptologic Museum, where we enjoyed my wife's fresh-baked cookies, an ice cream sundae station, and an open bar. Yes... at the museum, which was chock-full of cryptographic treasures including Enigma machines and more. The museum trip was incredible, sharing such amazing history with over one hundred great friends.

But, the single best part of the SANS Hackfest is the great speakers who share incredibly useful tips, techniques, strategies, and utterly awesome knowledge with attendees. The whole goal here is to help us all do more powerful, technically in-depth, and business-valuable pen testing. Our presenters this year really knocked my socks off, and I think you'll enjoy checking out their advice in their presentations included below. I'm deeply grateful to each and every one of them.

Here are the slide decks from each of the presenters... they are all fantastic. In fact, if you want to just download a big ol' ZIP file with all the talks in it, click here. The featured talks included:

Some of the audience favorites among this highly esteemed group of talks are:

Many thanks to our presenters for their fantastic work.

It took us 12 months to plan the 2014 Hackfest. We're now diving in to plan the 2015 Hackfest, and we've got some really amazing ideas for it to make it EVEN better. It'll be in the DC area in early November 2015. I do hope you'll consider joining us for something really special next time around.


-Ed Skoudis
SANS Fellow, Instructor, & Pen Test Curriculum Lead
Founder, Counter Hack Challenges

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