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Winners of the SANS Spectacular Pen Test Video Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends, Romans, and countryman,

I'm delighted to announce the winners to our SANS Spectacular Pen Test Video Contest. Back in January and February, we asked folks to channel their creativity to share some great tips, insights, techniques, and inspiration with other penetration testers. You can read the contest description here.

We got some FANTASTIC entries, and we'd like to thank all who participated. Entries included numerous great technical tips, interesting "acting", noble attempts at humor, and even one Rick Roll, naturally.

So, without further ado (thanks, Ted, for your gracious input), let's announce the winners (click on each picture to see the video). We'll announce the victors in our four categories first, and then select from among them for the GRAND prize winner.

First up, our highest production values (with a useful tip) award goes to Chris Andre Dale for his epic video Local File Inclusion. In addition to some great start-up graphics and sound effects, Chris explains the issue of local file inclusion in clear, understandable terms, performing a great demo.

Our most useful tip award goes to Jeremy Galloway (also known as xgermx)! His video on Scanning Your Network for Reflective Amplification DDoS issues describes the vulnerabilities, the use of the Nmap Scripting Engine to find some flaws, and the use of Metasploit to find others. And, his inclusion of ultra funky slow jam music during his attacks was an awesome touch, along with some great zoom-in action to see his command lines.

Our most entertaining (with a useful tip) award goes to Kirk Hayes, for his magnum opus, Don't Fret... Introducing Veil. The creepy voice-over, the head pounding on the desk, the big FAIL arrows, and more all work together to make it a thoroughly entertaining vid.

Random draw goes to Mario R. De Tore, who provided this gem: Ahhh... that one never gets old.

Each of our four winners above will get an autographed copy of the book Counter Hack Reloaded.

But, one and only one video will be awarded the coveted GRAND prize, a free four-month journey through NetWars Continuous. During this four month span, the winner will be able to build skills, solve fun and exciting challenges, and earn valuable CMUs/CPEs. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER is.... drum roll please...

Jeremy Galloway (that's XGERMX)! While all the winning videos were great, this video covered a lot of really useful skills in a short-duration format. It included some great Nmap and Metasploit kung fu, as well as useful zoom-ins to see the action.

Thank you all for participating! We'll be reaching out to the winners shortly.

-Ed Skoudis.
Author, SANS Security 560, Network Pen Testing & Ethical Hacking
SANS Instructor, Fellow, and Pen Test Curriculum Lead


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