SANS Penetration Testing: Monthly Archives: Dec 2012

Holiday Challenge 2012

[Editor's Note:One of my favorite Rankin and Bass Christmas specials is The Year without a Santa Claus. I simply love the songs of the weird and unforgettable Miser Brothers, and have frequently found myself humming their tunes during the holiday season. I've always wanted to write a hacking challenge themed around them, and with my … Continue reading Holiday Challenge 2012

All your svn are belong to us

[Editor's Note: Here is a delightful little article from my buddy, Tim Medin on recovering Subversion-related files during a penetration test or ethical hacking project. Recently, we've had several projects in which this hot little technique has been vitally important, yielding super cool information for us. -Ed.] By Tim Medin Counter Hack Give me a … Continue reading All your svn are belong to us