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Presentation: PowerShell for Pen Testers

[Editor's Note: Tim "My Shell Makes Your Shell Cry Like a Little Baby" Medin did a presentation at SANS Orlando called "PowerShell for Pen Testers". It's really good. It starts out with an overview of PowerShell for the uninitiated, and then quickly jumps to some really effective use cases of PowerShell for penetration testers and ethical hackers. Wanna know how to do a port scan, ping sweep, and file transfer, using only PowerShell with no extra installs? Tim covers it. He also provides tips for post-exploitation on Windows boxes, and goes further by addressing PowerCLI for VMware as well as some tricks for Exchange servers. He's even sprinkled in some tips and techniques that are useful in incident handling and digital forensics. Well played, Jake! -Ed.]

By Tim Medin

Download the presentation here.

By the way, if you are interested in penetration testing, as well as all things Tim Medin, you'll definitely want to know that Tim will be teaching the SANS 560 Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking course in Dallas, Texas from June 18th to 23rd. It's going to be a rollicking good time, and will include extra hands-on exercises through a series of cool bootcamp sessions. Get more details here.



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