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Updated Gamification of InfoSec Learning Talk

At the SANS Orlando conference on Sunday night, March 25, 2012, I presented an updated version of my talk "Put Your Game Face On" about gamification and how people can use infosec challenges to develop their skills. We got some great questions during the session, and turnout was wonderful. Thanks to all who were involved!

The updated version of the talk is downloadable here. My primary updates focused on the new announcements for the schedule for Cyber Foundations competitions for high schoolers and Cyber Quests for college students. I also made a bunch of small tweaks throughout. I hope you enjoy the talk.

Thank you!

-Ed Skoudis.
SANS Instructor


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Rick Ivey

I caught the first 20 minutes of this talk and I was definitely WOW'd. It was great. Wish I had heard the rest of the presentation and not been pulled away to put out a fire for a client. Hopefully it will be presented again at a conference or maybe for a SANS webcast sometime. Once again, great presentation Ed.

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Ed Skoudis

Thanks, Rick! I had a wonderful time presenting it. I'll be doing it again at SANS Cyber Guardian in Baltimore in late April, and again at SANS Rocky Mountain in Denver in June. That Rocky Mountain conference will be especially fun, as we'll have a lot of pen-test focussed courses and talks there. I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks again, Rick. I also like your idea of a webcast'' I'll definitely consider it.

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