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SEC564: Red Team Exercises and Adversary Emulation - Now Available OnDemand!

Learn how to plan and build a red team program, leverage threat intelligence to map against adversary TTPs, emulate those TTPs, then report and analyze the results of red team exercises, ultimately improving your organization's security posture.

Free Community Resources

SANS instructors produce thousands of free content-rich resources for the information security community. These resources are aimed to provide the latest in research and technology available to help support awareness and growth across a wide range of IT and OT security considerations.

SEC487: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis

Discover legitimate and effective ways to find, gather, and analyze data from the internet. You'll learn scenario-based requirements and OSINT techniques needed to capture truly important OSINT data. All OnDemand courses give you 4 months of anytime, anywhere access to course content, quizzes, labs, and SME support.

Are you a LEO experiencing training cuts?

SANS is proud to support U.S. Law Enforcement professionals experiencing hardship funding their training efforts. We have created different programs that can offer significant flexibility toward SANS courses. Check if you qualify!
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Mission Statement

To give Security Professionals the tools and expertise they need to conduct high-value penetration testing focused on discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities to determine and reduce business risk. Read More

Community Resources

The SANS Computer Security Community offers information security professionals an opportunity to learn, discuss, and share current developments in the field. It also provides information regarding security training, certification, and events. Read More

What is High-Value Penetration Testing and Why Is It Important?

A high-value penetration test has several aspects. Read More

Curriculum Lead - Stephen Sims

"The SANS family of Instructors bring an incredible amount of worldwide, real-time practical experience into the classroom and have both a passion and a gift for helping students master complex subject matter. They are true leaders in the information security space. Each instructor starts with and continues perpetually on a rigorous vetting process to ensure their expertise and values align with our mission to strengthen enterprise and global information security." Read More