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A Penetration Tester's Pledge

by Ed Skoudis Over the weekend, I was thinking about the wonderful psexec capabilities of tools like Metasploit, the Nmap Scripting engine smb-psexec script, and the psexec tool itself from Microsoft Sysinternals. It's my go-to exploit on Windows targets, once I have gained SMB access and admin credentials (username and password, or username and hash … Continue reading A Penetration Tester's Pledge

Got Meterpreter? Pivot!

[Editor's note: Cliff Janzen wrote this nice article highlighting some of the pivoting options available to penetration testers who have exploited a target box. Metasploit supports a variety of ways to attack targets through an already-exploited system, and Cliff's summarizes of some of the most valuable ways of doing this. What's more, for each Metasploit … Continue reading Got Meterpreter? Pivot!

Tips for Evading Anti-Virus During Pen Testing

By Mark Baggett, the SANS Institute You know the old saying'' "Give a man a backdoor undetected by antivirus and he pwns for a day. Teach a man to make backdoors undetected by antivirus and you will get free drinks for life at DEF CON." During the exploitation phase of a pen test or ethical … Continue reading Tips for Evading Anti-Virus During Pen Testing