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Holiday Challenge 2012

[Editor's Note: One of my favorite Rankin and Bass Christmas specials is The Year without a Santa Claus. I simply love the songs of the weird and unforgettable Miser Brothers, and have frequently found myself humming their tunes during the holiday season. I've always wanted to write a hacking challenge themed around them, and with my recent work on SANS NetWars CyberCity, my interest in the security of Industrial Control Systems, and the ability to collaborate with Tim Medin on a challenge, this seemed like the right time to roll it out.

We'll award prizes to the best technical answer, most creative answer that is technically correct, and one to the winner of a random draw. So, regardless of how deep you get into the challenge, please do submit your answers to on or before January 6, 2013 to win! Even if you can't get through all of the zones, please send in your partial answers. You may very well win! So, without further adieu, we present, The Year Without a Santa... Hack. -Ed.]

The Year Without a Santa... Hack.

A Miser Brothers Weather Control System Challenge
By Ed Skoudis, Tim Medin, & Tom Hessman

The world faced an unmitigated holiday disaster. Santa Claus, plagued by a bad head cold, felt unloved, unneeded, and, worst of all, unbelieved-in. He wearily announced that he was taking a year off, plunging children around the globe into deep despair. Warn the people, Santa sighed, Tell the papers. I'm much too tired... for Christmas capers.

Please click here for the rest of the challenge:

-Ed Skoudis & Tim Medin

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