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SANS Poster - White Board of Awesome Command Line Kung Fu (PDF Download)


by: SANS Pen Test Team

Imagine you are sitting at your desk and come across a great command line tip that will assist you in your career as an information security professional, so you jot the tip down on a note, post-it, or scrap sheet of paper and tape it to your white board... now imagine you do this all the time until your white board is completely full of useful tips you've found and can use daily.

That is the concept behind the SANS Pen Test Poster: White Board of Awesome Command Line Kung-Fu created by the SANS Pen Test Instructors. Each tip was submitted by the Pen Test Instructors and curated by SANS Fellow, Ed Skoudis.

We are giving you a complete white board full of tips you can use to become a better InfoSec professional.

Now it is available for you to download.

Download PDF - PENT-PSTR-WHITEBOARD-V3-0118_web.pdf




Additional Educational Posts based on the Poster:


"White Board" - Python - Python Debugger
"White Board" - Python - Python Reverse Shell!
"White Board" - Python - Pythonic Web Server
"White Board" - Python - Raw Shell -> Terminal
"White Board" - Python - Pythonic Web Client


"White Board" - Bash - Useful IPv6 Pivot
"White Board" - Bash - Encrypted Exfil Channel!
"White Board" - Bash - What's My Public IP Address?
"White Board" - Bash - Bash's Built-In Netcat Client
"White Board" - Bash - Check Service Every Second
"White Board" - Bash - Make Output Easier to Read
"White Board" - Bash - Website Cloner
"White Board" - Bash - Sudo... Make Me a Sandwich
"White Board" - Bash - Find Juicy Stuff in File System


"White Board" - CMD.exe - C:\> netsh interface
"White Board" - CMD.exe - C:\> wmic process


"White Board" - PowerShell - Add a Firewall Rule
"White Board" - PowerShell - Built-in Port Scanner!
"White Board" - PowerShell - Get Firewall Rules
"White Board" - PowerShell - One-Line Web Client
"White Board" - PowerShell - Ping Sweeper!
"White Board" - PowerShell - Find Juicy Stuff in the File System


Desktop Wallpapers based on Poster:

Bash, PowerShell, Python...



SANS Pen Test Training:


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Davin Jackson

Is there a way to order the old posters and have them delivered?

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