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SANS Poster: Building a Better Pen Tester - PDF Download


Blog Post by: SANS Pen Test Team


It's here! It's here! The NEW SANS Penetration Testing Curriculum Poster has arrived (in PDF format)!

This blog post is for the downloadable PDF version of the new "Blueprint: Building a Better Pen Tester" Poster created by the SANS Pen Test Curriculum.

The front of the poster is full of useful information directly from the brains of SANS Pen Test Instructors. These are the pen testing tips they share with the students of SANS SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking and our other pen testing, ethical hacking, exploit dev, and vulnerability assessment courses.

The back of the poster has a checklist for scoping and rules of engagement, command line commands for Metasploit, Scapy, Nmap, and PowerShell, and information about Slingshot and the SANS Pen Test Curriculum.

Our hope is, the knowledge contained in this poster will help you become a better pen tester. And if you aren't currently a pen tester, that the information will you help you become a more informed information security professional.

Training: Learn ethical hacking and penetration testing with one of our world-class instructors by taking, SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking in person or online.




Download: PENT-PSTR-SANS18-BP-V1_web


SANS Webcast - Building A Better Pen Tester Poster



Desktop Wallpapers:

Click image for full-sized wallpaper file

Blueprint_Wallpaper_Pre-Eng&ReconPre-Engagement & Reconnaissance


Blueprint_Wallpaper_VA&PAVulnerability Analysis & Password Attacks


Blueprint_Wallpaper_Exp&Post-ExpExploitation & Post-Exploitation


Blueprint_Wallpaper_RE&ScopingRules of Engagement & Scoping Checklist


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Player Feedback!

  • "On to level 4 of the #holidayhackchallenge. Thanks again @edskoudis / @SANSPenTest team." - @mikehodges
  • "#SANSHolidayHack Confession — I have never used python or scapy before. I got started with both today because of this game! Yay!" - @tww2b
  • "Happiness is watching my 12 yo meet @edskoudis at the end of #SANSHolidayHack quest. Now the gnomes #ProudHackerPapa" - @dnlongen


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