SANS Penetration Testing

SANS Pen Test Cheat Sheet: PowerShell

by Ed Skoudis

PowerShell really is amazing, and comes in handy for all kinds of infosec tasks, from defense to analysis to offense. In my SANS Security 560 course, we cover PowerShell as a post-exploitation language, with all kinds of nifty tips and tricks for using it. When I teach the class, though, I notice that many students are fairly new to PowerShell's awesomeness.

To help people build their PowerShell skills, Phil Smith and I created this PowerShell cheat sheet (with some great input from Tim Medin and Jeff McJunkin too), containing some of the essential items needed to use PowerShell effectively. In essence, this cheat sheet is what I wish I had when I started learning PowerShell. I hope you enjoy it, especially the 5 PowerShell Essentials section!

Download it by clicking this link: PowerShellCheatSheet_v4PowerShell Essentials

Have fun PowerShell'ing. :)



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Ed Skoudis is teaching SANS SEC560: Network Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking in Washington DC, in July 2017.

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