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Winner Announcement: SANS Pen Test Hackfest Twitter Contest

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been running the SANS Pen Test Hackfest Twitter Contest. I'm delighted to announce the winner. The contest was simple and fun — just submit a picture of yourself via Twitter with SANS coins, SANS books, or other SANS shwag, and we'll choose a winner at ramdom. We've had some great entries... you guys are a creative group! If you want to see them all, just do a Twitter search for the hashtag #SANSHackfest.

The winner will receive free entry to the 2-Day Summit associated with our November 13 through 20 Pen Test Hackfest training event in Washington DC. We throw everything we've got into this extra special event, including:

  • Two days of amazing, in-depth talks by leading minds of the industry, including the authors of some of the best pen test tools on the planet, including SET, Armitage, and more.
  • Six days of training, with five different classes to choose from.
  • Three nights of NetWars Tournament challenges for hands-on fun and learning.
  • One night of CyberCity missions, where you'll be defending critical infrastructures against attacks, preventing city-wide mayhem.
  • Coin-a-palooza: A chance to earn up to FOUR SANS Pen Test coins for your collection.
  • One Super Secret Special Evening: On Nov 14, we'll be taking a mind-blowing trip.

The prize for our new Twitter contest is free admission to the two-day session at the start of the Hackfest on Nov 13-14. You'll experience some great talks, learn super useful information, participate in a NetWars evening Nov 13, and join us on the Super Secret Special Evening Nov 14.

Before announcing the winner, check out some of these awesome photos! All the entries were really good, but these especially made us smile.

We had several people enter while partially hiding behind their SANS coins or books.

Here is a gent who was immobilized by a SANS book avalanche (a bookalanche?).

We had several folks use their SANS Pen Test coins as fashion accessories.

We even got some entries from a bonafide SANS Super Hero!!!

Other noteworthy entrants include:

Oh, and storm troopers!

And, we even got one of a donut (with a great hair cut)!

OK, so, who's the happy winner who will be coming to the SANS Pen Test Hackfest on Nov 13? Consulting with our experts in randomness (at to choose a winner... Why, it's...

Drumroll please....

Emily Gladstone Cole!!!

Congrats, Emily! We'll be in touch to discuss the details of your prize.

For all the other folks who entered... thank you for playing along. It really was fun to see all your entries. We hope you'll consider joining us at the Hackfest as well! It's going to have some really incredible sessions and a lot of NetWars, CyberCity, and Coin-a-palooza fun.




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Lee Neely

This was a lot of fun ''" looking forward to more similar challenges. Best of luck to Emily and everyone at the Hackfest.

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