SANS Penetration Testing

Easter Challenge - The Mystery of the Missing Easter Bunny

By Chris Andre Dale

The Easter Bunny has been kidnapped, and YOU have to save him! Quickly collect yourself and help save him. Put on your detective hat and start investigating the clues provided.

We managed to intercept a message from the kidnappers. Unfortunately it seems to be scrambled in some way. We also managed to intercept a ciphered message from one of the criminals and the cipher text below. The cipher text was once considered unbreakable, however newer techniques of cryptoanalysis have proven how to beat it. Listen to the intercepted message from the kidnappers, or attack the cipher message. Your choice.

The intercepted message can be played back here:

The cipher text looks like this:

Dsemvnqwlnmmzvi! Cc jagpbussnpwg tfgzvlroknt mlta cfwjgkr vqu phywl bfx kni Rxutrk Tztydi btsj lh tux asmhfesuygp qf gai Piiuii Zieoqrvlxd. Bxf gioqvkclf aegm ivgtkwfcwlyr fpmd btgxiubpdrw, xsidlw ku cbr! Vhngod nes cfav tlqd jhvv, ide M yutr fv wnl jfv. Xfvv ow geg fvgew xqsx fl xub Gafmic Kxbpckrtb: jtgi://ahe.ifglxiflnugbsya.dp/iryxro-ehneppvwf-xyk-qlpveer-sq-bxf-qzywvki-enlxpz-rvree/

Hva aoh emvm yu? Pvgzr x eozfiyb qoh ckx zb mnbp :)

How will you aid the investigation? Anyone with an interest in cryptanalysis might attack the cipher directly, however the rest of us, along with some Google Fu, may start with the intercepted message.

Good luck! The Easter Bunny depends on you!

The first one to email the answer to PenTestVideo <at> (yes, that's the email alias to our team of judges) will win a SANS Pen Test T-Shirt as well as a SANS NetWars T-Shirt! Please use an e-mail subject of "SAVING THE EASTER BUNNY" for your e-mail at PenTestVideo <at>

Best regards,

Chris Andre Dale


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Did anyone find the location of the kidnapper? Tracked it down to Norway..

Posted April 19, 2014 at 1:30 PM | Permalink | Reply

Ed Skoudis

Yes, we have a winner. And, even more important, Mr. Bunny is safe. We'll announce it on Monday.

Posted April 19, 2014 at 10:50 PM | Permalink | Reply

Meshal Al Saif

i think I've saved the wrong bunny?

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