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SANS Pen Test Cheat Sheet: Nmap v1.1


Whenever we attend information security conferences like DerbyCon, ShmooCon, or any of the many BSides we support, we always take SANS Pen Test Cheat Sheets with us and everyone that comes by the booth takes a few for themselves and their colleagues back at the office.

So... we have made them available for you to download, print, and share with others.

Ed Skoudis and the fine folks at Counter Hack have put together a nifty Nmap cheat sheet covering some of the most useful options of everyone's favorite general-purpose port scanner, Nmap. And, with its scripting engine, Nmap can do all kinds of wonderful things for security professionals.

Please check out the updated cheat sheet below. Even if you are an experienced attacker, it might cover a tip or trick that's new and useful to you.


2-Page, Printable, PDF: NmapCheatSheetv1.1


Oh... we just made something that we think is pretty helpful. Here is a desktop wallpapers, in multiple sizes, based on the Nmap Cheat Sheet for you to download and use.

(Click on the image for full-sized version to download)



-Ed Skoudis.

SANS Fellow
Counter Hack Challenges Founder


SANS Note:

Ed Skoudis is teaching SANS SEC560: Network Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking in Washington DC, in July 2017.

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