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DerbyCon Keynote Presentation - Kinetic Pwnage

by Ed Skoudis

This morning, I had the honor of presenting at DerbyCon. My talk focused on the ability to cause physical impact through hacking computers and networks. I call it "Kinetic Pwnage". The slides are available below, and the talk touches on several themes of the recent work my team and I have focused on, including CyberCity, a miniature city with a real power grid and other computer controlled components used to build capabilities of cyber warriors.

By the way, right after the talk, lotsa people asked me how they could do CyberCity missions. If you are interested in participating in CyberCity missions hands-on, we'll be running our first ever CyberCity missions at a public conference event during the SANS Pen Test Hackfest Summit & Training event, in Washington DC on November 7-14. If you take a full six-day class there, you can join us for one whole evening of CyberCity missions hands-on, plus four evenings devoted to NetWars. Oh, and we'll be giving away a bunch of SANS Pen Test Coins to people who do well in NetWars. Check out that event here.

Download the DerbyCon keynote slides by clicking on the title slide below.

-Ed Skoudis.


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