SANS Penetration Testing: Monthly Archives: Apr 2012

Presentation: PowerShell for Pen Testers

[Editor's Note: Tim "My Shell Makes Your Shell Cry Like a Little Baby" Medin did a presentation at SANS Orlando called "PowerShell for Pen Testers". It's really good. It starts out with an overview of PowerShell for the uninitiated, and then quickly jumps to some really effective use cases of PowerShell for penetration testers and … Continue reading Presentation: PowerShell for Pen Testers

Got Meterpreter? Pivot!

[Editor's note: Cliff Janzen wrote this nice article highlighting some of the pivoting options available to penetration testers who have exploited a target box. Metasploit supports a variety of ways to attack targets through an already-exploited system, and Cliff's summarizes of some of the most valuable ways of doing this. What's more, for each Metasploit … Continue reading Got Meterpreter? Pivot!