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How Attackers Exploit Modern, Secure Wireless LANs

[Editor's note: For today's blog installment, you've simply GOT to check out this fantastic webcast from Josh Wright about modern wireless attacks. Bad guys are going beyond undermining just WEP and even WPA, and are branching out into all kinds of Wireless LAN attacks against WPA2 and more. In this presentation, Josh covers the tools and techniques details that every penetration tester, ethical hacker, and incident handler needs to know. Even if you don't have time to listen to the audio at the link below (shame on you! :), at least do yourself a favor and check out the slides. Good stuff! -Ed.]

By Joshua Wright

Two weeks ago I had a chance to deliver a presentation via webcast to a great audience. I spoke on the topic of modern WiFi attacks, how the industry has moved away from WEP to more secure technologies, and how attackers have similarly migrated WiFi attacks, not against infrastructure devices so much, but against wireless clients.

You can download the slides here, or watch the recorded webcast here.

-Josh Wright

By the way, if you are interested in these kinds of attacks and their defenses, you should definitely check out my SANS 617 course on Wireless Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, and Defenses. It's offered via the SANS OnDemand system, so you can follow along at your own pace across the Internet, without travel expenses! Sign up by November 23, 2011 for 617 OnDemand, and get a free 11" MacBook Air!

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