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Welcome to the SANS Pen Test Blog

Hello and welcome to the SANS Pen Test Blog!

We're very excited to launch this new endeavor, which will focus on information sharing about computer attacks, written from the perspective of professional penetration testers, ethical hackers, and incident handlers. We'll be publishing articles chock full of attack tips, methodologies, and recommendations.

Our focus will be on practicality and applicability, with articles written so that you can use their ideas directly in your work to help organizations better understand and manage their security risks.

I'm honored that some of the best of the best pen testers and security pros will be posting here, infosec stud muffins like Josh Wright, Mark Baggett, and Pieter Danhieux, among many others from throughout the pen test community. Looking at the series of articles we've got on deck, I can't wait!

We'll have new posts a couple times a week, as we strive to become a useful resource for the penetration testing community and a helpful repository of tips for use in the future.

So, grab a beverage, sit back, and get ready for a fun ride!

-Ed Skoudis.


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In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was Pwn.
I look forward to following this blog!

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